Commercial Landscaping Supplies Farmington CT

Commercial Landscaping Supplies Farmington CT

Are you searching for information on commercial landscaping supplies in Farmington, CT? Check out Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center today! We are a family owned and operated landscaping company, and we also run a 9,000 sq ft. garden center! Our team at Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center has been proudly serving customers in Farmington and surrounding towns for over 50 years! We are a one-stop shop for all of your landscape and gardening needs! When it comes to commercial landscaping supplies, there are some items that are absolute must-haves to make any landscaping job easier to manage. Read on as we discuss some of the top items below.

A Quality Lawn Mower

To begin, a lawn mower may be the most important piece of equipment you purchase for landscaping. Additionally, it’s also likely to be the most expensive piece you purchase. Lawnmowers come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of settings and attachments. It is important to do some research ahead of time, and narrow down exactly what functions your lawn mower must have. This will make shopping easier as you will know what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that your lawn mower will likely be your most used piece of equipment, so it’s important to invest wisely.

Hedge Trimmer

Secondly, a hedge trimmer will save you a lot of time in the yard. Hedge trimmers make quick work of shaping and trimming shrubs and hedges. It is important to note, that hedge trimmers can either be cordless or gas-powered. Either way, they are an important investment when adding to your commercial landscaping supplies. When shopping for a hedge trimmer, base your decision off of comfort and maneuverability.


Lastly, plan on adding a good-quality blower to your collection of landscaping supplies! Commonly known for blowing leaves, blowers can also make quick work of cleaning up sidewalks, driveways, and hallways. Available in two varieties, blowers can be purchased as handheld devices, or as a backpack-style. Depending on how frequently you plan to use your blower, and for what kind of projects will help you determine which kind is right for you.

If you are ready to invest in some high-quality commercial landscaping supplies in Farmington, CT, stop by and see us at Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center! We have a wide variety of supplies for you to browse through, and we guarantee you will find some pieces to take home. Call us at (860) 667-1158 with any questions, or visit our website for more information!

Commercial Landscaping Supplies Farmington CT