Seasoned Firewood Rocky Hill CT

Seasoned Firewood Rocky Hill CT

Are you searching for quality, seasoned firewood near Rocky Hill, CT? Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center has you covered! At Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center, we are your local source for seasoned firewood, bird supplies, landscaping, hardscaping, and more! We have been a staple in the Rocky Hill community for years and have been delivering superior services and customer support for our customers in Rocky Hill, and beyond. Read on as we discuss more about our seasoned firewood.

What is Seasoned Wood?

What exactly is seasoned firewood? Simply put, “seasoned wood” has been dried to remove as much moisture content as possible. It is widely recommended that you burn wood with no more than 20% moisture. It is important to note, that fresh-cut wood can contain upwards of 50% moisture. We highly recommend using seasoned firewood for your fires, read on to learn why.

Why Use Seasoned Firewood?

Furthermore, there are plenty of benefits to utilizing seasoned firewood, including enhancing efficiency, cleanliness, and environmental impact.

What happens if you use unseasoned firewood?

Firstly, because unseasoned firewood contains high levels of moisture, lighting a fire will be quite difficult. Furthermore, even if you do succeed in lighting one, it will expend a lot of energy trying to evaporate the moisture. You might have difficulty burning your fire for a long time.

Additionally, unseasoned wood will produce a lot of smoke as it burns off moisture. Because of this, you can expect a dirtier chimney and an excessive build-up of creosote. Additionally, it will blacken your stove glass quickly, too.

In addition to causing excessive dirt in your chimney and stove, smoke produced by burning unseasoned wood can even create toxic air pollution. This can significantly impact the environment and your health.

As you can see, there are many helpful benefits to burning seasoned firewood. At Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center, we are proud to be your local source of quality seasoned firewood. Remember that using seasoned firewood will promote a more efficient burn, produce less smoke, and cause less toxic pollution. For questions regarding our firewood, call us at 860-667-1158. Additionally, you can visit our website for more information on the services we offer.

Seasoned Firewood Rocky Hill CT