Birding Supplies

It is always a delight to watch the birds in your backyard.  At Stonehedge Garden Center we offer our bird enthusiasts the best selection of bird feeders, birdseed, suet and all the wild birding supplies you need to create a space in your yard that will attract wild birds.  We carry a large selection of  bird feeders by Stokes Select, Song Bird Essentials, Squirrel Buster, Aspects, and Droll Yankee which is proudly made in the USA.  We also have unique bird houses, bird baths, and nesting boxes.  Feeding wild birds is the best way to attract them to your yard during any season.  Birds are a vital part of our natural ecosystem and are very beneficial, by creating a native habitat for them right in your backyard they will help control the insect population, assist with flower pollination and also help with the weed control of your landscape.

Stop by our garden center and find out which bird feeder, bird house, and bird bath is perfect for your backyard.  Everything the birds need in one convenient stop! We carry a full line of high quality bird seed by Lyric and Aspen Song, no fillers added, and Suet cakes by Pine Tree Farms.  We also carry Bat, Butterfly and beneficial bug houses and many other bird accessory items.