Garden Tips

  March Tips

  • Water houseplants with room temperature water.
  • Sow basil seeds inside.
  • Cut back any remaining old stems on perennials.
  • Rejuvenate overgrown deciduous shrubs by pruning them almost to the ground.
  • Pull weeds near spring bulbs carefully to avoid disturbing the roots of your bulbs.
  • Snow peas will take more than 30 days to germinate when temps are in the low 40’s.
  • Workable soil will crumble apart after being squeezed.

 April Tips

  • Apply fertilizer with crabgrass preventer when the Forsythia is in full bloom.
  • Plant strawberries with crowns slightly above soil level.
  • Create a grass-free zone around trees in lawn areas.
  • Work organic matter into soils that drain poorly.
  • As insect activity increases remember most insects are not pests.
  • Consider growing potatoes in pots for an easier harvest.
  • Landscape mulches are the first line of defense for annual weeds.