Garden Tips

       January Tips

  • Brown leaf tips on your houseplants? Usually either too much water or too much fertilizer.
  • Lift up small potted houseplant pots to test the weight when checking for water.
  • Allow the soil of most houseplants to nearly dry out between watering.
  • Succulents need sun, well drained gritty soil and minimal watering and fertilization.
  • Mealybugs are a common houseplant pest that resembles bits of cotton.
  • If snow is dry enough, a Stihl leaf blower is an effective snow removal tool.
  • De-icing salts injure trees and shrubs through canopy spray or root uptake.

  February Tips

  • Large garbage cans make an inexpensive rain barrel.

  • The compost piles need turning in the winter too.

  • Re-apply deer repellents when the temperatures are above freezing.

  • It’s best not to remove ice from plants, and allow it to melt. 

  • Low humidity is very stressful for houseplants. Move plants closer together to increase humidity or use a humidifier.

  • Check for perennials that have heaved out of the ground and gently push back in.