Trees & Shrubs 

Stonehedge Garden Center and Nursery we carry a whole variety of Trees and Shrubs.

Lilacs – Lilac trees are very similar to lilac bushes, except that they grow more upright and have a wider trunk. Lilac trees can grow to a height of thirty feet, and usually have a rounded, upright shape. The most common of the lilac trees is the Japanese lilac

Tricolor Beech – Like most deciduous trees, the Beech features a towering appearance. It typically grows straight and tall to heights that range between 80 and 100 feet. The roots of the tree are large and muscular, and support the large trunk which rises high into the sky, surpassing other tree canopies in an effort to get the sunlight it needs to grow.

Hydrangea Trees – Hydrangea Tree is covered with masses of snow-white flowers. In late summer, the flowers turn a beautiful bluish-pink aging to a purplish pink

Maples – These trees come in different sizes and colors. They can be big or small. We always carry popular Japaneses Maples both Red and Green

White Pine –  are beautiful Evergreens that can make any home feel like New England

Alberta Spruce – is another Evergreen Tree great for edging or using for privacy. These trees can grow in variety sizes. They also can be used for edging and are popular around gardens.

Boxwood – are dense, evergreen shrubs often planted in elegant and formal landscapes. Many varieties and cultivars of boxwood plants exist. Great for home landscape and can give you a rich hedge.


American Beautyberry

Azalea – Encore, variegated varieties, and hybrids.


Barberry – Variety of colors


Butterfly Bush – Tall and compact varieties, including Lo & Behold, and Pugster.




Lilac – Old fashion, Bloomerang




Eastern Red Bud

Maple – size, shape, color and growth habit; varieties include Japanese, red, silver, and sugar.