For commercial landscaping services Farmington CT, call Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center. Our experts have been industry leaders for over 40 years. Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center is a leader in creating memorable designs for both landscape and hardscape. If you want to add beauty and functionality to your commercial property in Farmington, contact Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center today.

For all commercial and residential landscaping, Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center only uses the highest-quality plant materials. Do you know whether you need landscaping, hardscaping, or both? Landscaping has two components, plant materials and permanent structures. Hardscaping uses pavers, bricks, concrete, and other natural stones. At Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center, we have the knowledge and experience to create and maintain your commercial property’s landscaping.

Whether you need landscaping services for your commercial or residential property, Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center has got you covered. Our contractors are able to accommodate special requests. We do completely custom work, including:

Functional stone cooking surfaces
Retaining walls

… and Much More!

Are you looking to implement beautiful and seasonally appropriate landscaping? If so, look no further than Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center. We have an extensive inventory of:

Native Plants
Specimen Trees

… and More

For a company that uses only the best natural materials, rely on Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center. We add intrigue to every property. Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center has been trusted by home and business owners across the state of Connecticut. We transform commercial and residential properties. Our landscaping experts provide high quality services at cost effective prices. Contact Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center today at 860-667-1158.

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