Bird Feeders Rocky Hill CT


Bird Feeders Rocky Hill CT

If you live in Rocky Hill, come visit Stonehedge Landscaping to get your bird feeders and seed. Stonehedge Landscaping and Garden Center is just a short drive from Rocky Hill, CT. We are well known for our extensive collection of bird feeders and seeds. If you’re a bird lover, you’ll find everything you need to attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard.


At Stonehedge, you’ll find a diverse selection of bird feeders in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Some of the popular feeder types include tube feeders, hopper feeders, suet feeders, and platform feeders. Each type of feeder is designed to attract different types of birds, so it’s essential to choose the right ones based on the birds you want to attract.

Bird Seed

In addition to feeders, Stonehedge also offers a wide variety of bird seed mixes. We carry both seed blends and straight seeds, including sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, nyjer seeds, and millet. These seeds are sourced from some of the best bird seed manufacturers in the country, ensuring that the birds in your backyard get high-quality, nutritious food.

One of the most popular bird seed mixes at Stonehedge is the wild bird blend, which is a combination of different seeds that appeal to a wide variety of birds. This blend is perfect for birdwatchers who want to attract a diverse range of birds to their backyard. Another popular option is the nyjer seed, which is a favorite of finches and other small birds.

Supplies for Birds, Bats, Butterflies

– A full line of high quality Lyric bird seed
– Suet cakes by Pine Tree Farms
– Droll Yankee Feeders with Lifetime Warranties
– Bird houses, Bat and Butterfly houses too
– Hummingbird Feeders
– Window Feeders
– Bird baths and de-icers

In conclusion, if you’re a bird enthusiast, Stonehedge Landscaping and Garden Center near Rocky Hill, CT is the perfect destination for all your bird feeding needs. With a vast collection of bird feeders, seed mixes, and accessories, you’ll be able to attract a diverse range of birds to your backyard and watch them thrive. You’ll find everything you need to make your property a utopia for the birds at Stonehedge Landscaping Garden Center! Call 860-667-1158 for information.

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commercial landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Services in Newington CT

Commercial Landscaping Services Newington CT

Commercial Landscaping Services in Newington CT

When you need commercial landscaping services for your building in Newington CT, then contact Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center. Trust our professionals who have been in business for over 40 years. Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center is the leader in landscape and hardscape design throughout central Connecticut. When you want to add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your property in or around Newington, call us first. We have the best team of landscaping contractors and designers to work on all components of your property.

High-Quality Materials For Your Commercial Landscape

Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center uses only the best plant material when designing your commercial or residential landscape needs. Landscaping refers to two things: soft and hardscapes. Hardscapes are the permanent structures installed throughout your property using brick, concrete, pavers, and other natural stones whereas soft scapes are the plants and other living materials used strategically on your property. Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center has it all! We have the resources and design sense that you want to design and maintain your commercial landscaping. Whether your needs are for your home or business, our experience and resources will help you create the best possible statement. Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center can accommodate even the most unique client requests. Our contractors design custom patios, functional stone cooking structures, retaining walls, fireplaces, and more. Are your needs more related to soft scaping? Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center has a comprehensive selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, native plants, specimen trees, and evergreens. We’ll bring only the best natural and plant materials to bring color and provide intrigue to your property. When you’re ready to get the commercial landscape design of your dreams, trust Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center. We’re here to transform your residential or commercial property with high-quality landscaping services. Call (860) 667-1158 today to find out what Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center can do for your property.

Commercial Landscaping Services | Newington CT | Stonehedge Landscaping & Garden Center


Seasoned Firewood New Britain CT

Seasoned Firewood New Britain CT

Seasoned Firewood New Britain CT

If you need split, seasoned firewood in the New Britain CT area, then contact Stonehedge Landscaping and Garden Center. We are Hartford and Middlesex county’s one-stop-shop, full-service garden center. The 2022 holiday season is just beginning, and winter is going to extend until mid-March! Make sure you are stocked with firewood for the holidays and give us a call today.

Stonehedge Landscaping and Garden Center offers split firewood through March; we have an ample amount to ensure that whether you’re heating a wood stove this winter or throwing a party needing a last-minute firepit, you’ve got more than enough to keep you warm.

Firewood Pickup and Delivery Services New- Britain CT

Lastly, Stonehedge Landscaping Co. offers firewood pickup and delivery services in New Britain CT, and surrounding areas. Our premium firewood is packaged in cubic yard buckets, with wood cut into approximately 16-inch lengths. If you have any questions or desire additional information, then please call (860) 667- 1158. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you and provide additional details or to happily take your order for firewood over the phone.

Whether you need enough for the weekend, or for the rest of winter, call Stonehedge Landscaping and Garden Center for all your seasoned, split firewood needs. Our service areas include New Britain, Newington, Cromwell, West Hartford, Berlin, and surrounding towns. Call to see what we can do for you.

Firewood Pick up or Delivery


We have split, seasoned firewood! (September through March)

Each piece is approx. 16 inches long
*Delivery Available call garden center for pricing

All below prices are picked up at our garden center.

Cord $350.00 split firewood loose stack (6 one cubic yard buckets)

Half Cord $200.00 firewood loose stack (3 one cubic yard buckets)

One Cubic Yard Bucket of firewood of $80.00

Sections of firewood $40.00 picked up (35-40 pieces)

Firewood or Kindling bundles $8.99 (one cubic foot bundle)


Landscaping Supplies New Britain CT

landscaping supplies new britain ctWhen you need quality landscaping supplies in New Britain CT, then look no further than Stonehedge Landscaping. The professionals at our supplies store have helped improve thousands of landscapes for homes and businesses for over 50 years. When you choose Stonehedge Landscaping, you’ll have the pleasure of working with a professional team to help you design a patio, walkway, or landscape design you desire.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

To continue, the landscape professionals at Stonehedge Landscaping Co. will guide you through your project. We’re hear to listen to your ideas and share ours to help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams. No job is too big or too small for us to handle! Whether you’re beginning a residential or commercial project, Stonehedge Landscaping will see the project through from start to finish.


Moreover, we carry a large selection of landscaping products to assist in your project. From bagged stones, to mulch, we’ve got you covered. Do you have a garden you want to fill with beautiful flowers? Then, we invite you to stop by our greenhouse. We have a large selection of annuals, perennials, herbs, trees and shrubs, and more!

About Us

Now that you’ve read about our outstanding inventory of landscaping supplies, we’ll tell you a little about us! Stonehedge Landscaping is a family-owned and operated garden center and landscaping company. We’ve proudly served the greater Hartford area for over 50 years. Our garden center is open year-round and we’re here to help with all your gardening supplies and landscaping projects.

4-Season 9,000 sq.ft. Greenhouse

Recently, we’ve redesigned our 9,000 square foot greenhouse. Shop in comfort as you browse our selection of perennials, trees, and shrubs. They are now accessible through paved walkways and covered cart paths.

When you’re ready to get started on your project in New Britain CT, then make sure to stop by Stonehedge Landscaping Co.! We’re dedicated to making sure you’re totally satisfied with your landscape project. Call 860-667-1158 ext 112 or email today to schedule an appointment with one of our landscape professionals.

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